Missoulians never cease to amaze me.

I woke up one morning (and I get up very early) and saw what looked like floating lights on Mount Sentinel. It wasn't until later that I realized I was looking at people running across the top of the mountain in the wee hours of the morning, probably training for something. Also, it was winter.

That's why I love the way the Missoula community frequently comes up with ways to challenge and celebrate Missoulians' athletic tendencies. There's the Missoula Marathon, which has been receiving accolades and awards since 2010. Maggotfest, Missoula's rugby festival, is celebrating its 46th year this May. The Mullet Classic is coming up this June at Marshall Mountain Park. Even the Missoula Firefighters are known for crushing the Seattle Stairclimb. So this newest race should be a tempting one.

City to Sky 50K Trail Race

2023 will be the inaugural year for the City to Sky 50K Trail Race. If 50K (or roughly 31 miles) isn't impressive enough, this race will also feature over 8,000 feet of elevation gain.

If you look at the course, this will really take you through Missoula's greatest hits including up Mount Sentinel, University Ridge, Mount Dean Stone, and finishing back in the valley.

Registration Opens Today, May 11, 2023

Not only is this race epic but it's a bit exclusive as only "...100 lucky participants will get to tackle this challenging and spectacular course..." If the thrill of a race like this wasn't enough, the actual race will take place on October 15, right in the height of fall in Missoula, so the scenery will be absolutely gorgeous. If you aren't able to get a spot there will be a waitlist. For full registration details, visit this link.

And if you do compete, good luck!

Run for the Luck Of It 2023

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