UPDATE: Congratulations, after an hour of hard work and a lot of blisters, Ryan and Logan Hanavan have set another World Record with 2,649 passes 10 meters apart in an hour. This is the third lacrosse-based World Record these two now hold.

Original Story

There are a couple Missoulians who are attempting to get another record into the Guinness Book of World Records. Currently they hold two world records, and they are going for their third at 6pm on Thursday, March 21st.

Trying for a Third World Record

Ryan Hanavan and his son Logan are attempting to set their third lacrosse world record for the most lacrosse ball passes in one hour, ten meters apart. Right now Ryan and Logan hold the world record for "the most lacrosse catches in one minute by a pair" with 55 catches. They also hold the record for "most double lacrosse passes in one minute" with 40.

This will Be Their Second Attempt

This will be their second attempt at this world record. The first time they beat the current record for most passes in an hour, but they had stepped on the lines separating them. Guinness wouldn't certify the record. This time around they have a plan.

They Have Figured Out How To Achieve The Record

I spoke with Ryan about the record attempt and what he is doing to correct the issue from last time he said, "We've been able to put an actual barrier up on the lines, so we'll be able to separate ourselves without going over the lines".

They Can Use Some Volunteers To Help Break the Record

They are looking for some help with the record attempt. They need someone to keep time and someone to count the throws. They also need help cheering them on. The attempt will be held at the Sports Barn at 2811 Latimer Street in Missoula at 6pm.

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Ryan Hanavan is the head coach of the Missoula Wild High School Lacrosse team. High school lacrosse is just getting underway for the season in Montana. Ryan said there's going to be another chance for a fourth world record coming up. There will be a lacrosse camp towards the end of the summer held in Missoula with professional lacrosse players and young players. Every player at the camp, along with a professional player will work towards setting another world record.

Good Luck With the Record

We will be rooting for Ryan and Logan to represent Montana and lacrosse in their attempt at a third Guinness World Record.

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