Missoula High School Baseball is set to take the fields in 2025. The work putting this undertaking together is just beginning for the teams and families involved. This year is critical in the formation of the teams and the funding. This year is also the only chance for some major fundraising. Going forward, the fundraising will be like any other high school sport in the state, which will be mostly done by the schools and their booster clubs.

Missoula High School Baseball is Coming

Missoula will be getting three class AA high school teams, one for each school. Hellgate, Sentinel and Big Sky will each get a team. This will more than double the number of class AA teams we currently have in the state of Montana.

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High School Baseball Fundraiser Is Wednesday

This Wednesday, February 21, will be a major group fundraiser meeting. It will be held at Waypoint Church at 1100 South Higgins at 6:30pm. They are requesting people bring with them 20 names, phone numbers or emails of friends and family members who would be open to helping support the sport. Any donations directly from the evening will be delivered to the Missoula County Public Schools to show the support for the teams.

Donations are Tax Deductible

Donations to Missoula high school baseball are tax deductible. If you are going to use a check, please make the check out to Missoula County Public Schools, or MCPS and make sure to put in the memo section "HS Baseball". There is a Facebook group, Parents for Missoula High School Baseball, that is continuously looking for members of the community who are willing to support high school baseball. They also have a website Missoulahsbaseball.org, where you can donate time and or money to help these kids play ball.

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