Montana is the home to multiple snake species. The good news is Montana isn't home to actual water snakes species, those are found in the south and eastern parts of the country. The bad news there are still snakes in Montana that can swim and they do.

There Weren't As Many Snake Warning Signs Around Montana Years Ago

When I was younger, traveling around Montana I didn't see as many signs alerting people to the dangers of snakes. The locals know where the snakes are. My grandfather and uncle took me fishing along the Jocko River once and they told be to be careful of the rattlesnakes. Later that day we encountered an aggressive snake, my uncle ended up killing the snake.

Be Aware of Dangerous Snakes in Montana

There are more warning signs around Montana these days warning of snakes in different places.

Montana Snakes
Credit: Chris Wolfe

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Because Montana doesn't have water snakes, it doesn't mean there aren't snakes in our rivers.  There are plenty of rivers where snakes can be found living near the water. One in particular has more snakes than the others.

Montana's Most Snake Infested River
Credit: Chris Wolfe
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Montana's Most Snake Infested River

According to A-Z Animals the most snake infested Montana river is the Missouri River. This makes sense since "The Mighty Mo", as it's called in some parts of Montana, is the longest river in North America and the fourth longest in the world. This doesn't mean there are snakes everywhere on the river. It just means compared to the other rivers in Montana, this one has the most.

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Now when floating the rivers in Montana keep your toes up and make sure you take your empties off the river with you. Happy floating.

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