Cinephiles, cinemaphiles, and movie buffs, this one is for you.

Have you ever played any of the games created around identifying quotes from movies? I can't believe how many there are.

  • Cinephile: A Card Game
  • Great Lines from Great Movies Knowledge Cards Deck
  • The Blockbuster Game: A Movie Party Game for The Whole Family
  • Name That Movie: 100 Illustrated Movie Puzzles
  • Ridley's Movie Buff Trivia Card Game
  • The Movie Misquote Game
  • Clipology
  • Movie Mania

Well, we've got one more game for you to try.

Chris and Ashley Go to the Cinema

The game is simple. Friday mornings on The Chris and Ashley Show on Z100 Chris and Ashley will choose a famous movie, then act out a scene from that movie. If you're the first one to recognize that move, call the studios at 406-542-ROCK or 406-542-ROLL (that's 406-542-7625 or 406-542-7655) and tell us what the movie is. If you're right, you'll win two tickets and a popcorn to be used at The Roxy Theater.

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About The Roxy Theater

The Roxy is so much more than a movie theater. The Roxy, a beloved staple of the Missoula community is a nonprofit and community-owned theater. Not only can you see independent films, but they feature foreign and classic films, too.

The Roxy also features an Annex or "micro-cinema" that only seats 31 people which is great for private screenings and video game parties, and a Garden, where outdoor films and events take place.

What You Can Look Forward To

Each week we'll do our best to reenact your favorite movies using the magic of radio and keep you up-to-date on all the fun stuff happening at the Roxy. All you have to do is call. And don't forget to download the free Z100 app where we'll send you reminders about when to listen.

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