Hey Montana, I feel you. If it snows one more day, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. We're crossing our fingers that we can start golfing soon, and we're pretty bummed about that train derailment because of all that beer that went to waste. And then there are just the everyday annoyances that tick off Montanans.

Grab your fellow Montanans in a side hug and tell them it's going to be okay. The sun will come out and there are still plenty of microbrews, but if you know a Montanan that needs consoling, may we suggest the following methods?

1. Buy them a Beer and a Shot

If you learned anything from our bar etiquette advice from a Montana bartender then you know if you're going to buy someone a drink, it better be a beer and a shot.

2. Take them to the Mountains

Montanans are actually pretty introverted. Consider taking your Montanan that needs consoling on a (quiet) hike.

3. Take Them Fishing

Lake, river, lures, or fly fishing, doesn't matter. Montanas love water almost as much as they love mountains.

4. Take Them Hunting

Coming home with months worth of meat and lower grocery bills might perk up a Montanan.

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5. Take Them to a Concert

As Grey's Anatomy says, dance it out. If they're not the dancing type see number one and make sure the music is good.

6. Go on a Roadtrip

There's lots of road in this state. Sometimes the only way to cure what ails you is to get out on a long, beautiful stretch of highway.

7. Smash Stuff or Throw Stuff

Find those places where you can pay to break stuff or throw axes. That'll soothe the angriest of Montanans.

8. (With Their Permission) Get Them a Dog

In all seriousness do not adopt a pet for a person who doesn't want one. But in all seriousness, pets can make great companions. And it's hard to find a Montanan that doesn't like animals.

9. Send Them to a Griz or Cat Game

Of course, don't send the Griz to the Cat Game or vice versa, but Montana sports puts most Montanans in a good mood.

10. "Recreate"

Drinking isn't the only pastime that cheers up Montanans. Chilling out with the state's latest legal substance could console a Montanan, too. Just recreate responsibly.

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