Mother Nature sure has been fickle this March. Normally the saying about March in Montana is it goes "In like a lion, out like a lamb". It doesn't seem like we will be seeing the "lamb" part of the weather patterns any time soon. The weather has had an impact on Missoula's golf courses with snow still on the ground. Golf season will be in full swing very soon. If you have been feeling that golf "itch" here is an update on the courses and we have some good news.

Linda Vista- I spoke with Chris at Linda Vista Golf Course and they are open, along with the driving range. It is the only golf course in Missoula open at this point in the season. You can call 406-251-3655 for tee times.

University of Montana Golf Course-  According to Chris at The University of Montana Golf Course they are hoping to be open in a week to ten days. A lot of the openings are going to be dependent on the weather. You can call them at 406-728-8629 for updates on course conditions.

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Larchmont Golf Course- Bill at Larchmont Golf Course is hoping that they will be open by mid next week. Which would be around April 5th or 6th depending on the weather this weekend. Call them mid-next week for course updates at 406-721-4416.

Canyon River Golf Club- Ed is expecting the Canyon River Golf Club to have their driving range open by Wednesday April 5th and the course to be open for play April 7th or 8th. Again this will be depending on the weather Missoula gets this weekend. For updates next week call 406-721-0222.

The Highlands Missoula- I was not able to get in touch with anyone at The Highlands Missoula at this time. If you would like to call them for updates you can call 406-728-7360.

There is a lot of hope that the golf courses that aren't open yet will be fully open very soon. There is so much that depends on the unpredictable Montana spring weather. Let's all get together and send some positive thoughts and energy to see if we can get the sun out soon and get all the courses open.

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