The 28th Annual Guerrilla Turkey Drive is kicking off November 14th and running through November 18th. We will be collecting turkeys and cash donations this year. You can drop off your donations at 3250 South Reserve during those days. We have teamed up again this year with Missoula Electric Cooperative, Decker Truck Lines and KPAX TV.

The stimulus is over

One of the agencies that we will be helping out this year is the Haven House located  at 312 North 3rd Street in Hamilton, Montana. The Haven House, not only helps the people of Hamilton but it also helps residents of Corvallis, Montana too. I spoke with Judy Williams of the Haven House and asked her if she has seen their numbers grow this year. Judy said, "We have seen our numbers grow, especially when the main part of Covid subsided, people started coming in. During Covid when things were bad, people were getting extra checks in the mail, stimulus checks, extra food stamps. For that reason, we weren't so busy. People were getting enough food to cover their costs. Now, when that ended we started seeing more people coming back."

Cost of food

The cost of food has been rising all across the country and that affects the food banks too. I asked Judy if they are seeing that a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to. She said, "Of course it doesn't go as far. But fortunately, we are well supported at Haven House. We are very fortunate to be well supported by our community...The Bitterroot is very, very generous." Judy said.


Even with all the generosity of the Bitterroot Valley the Haven House can still use your help with turkey and monetary donations. If you can please drop off a donation at Townsquare Media 3250 North Reserve between November 14th and November 18th it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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