Sometimes it seems like living in Montana should come with an instruction manual.

There'd have to be a whole chapter on driving in the snow, with tips like how to get through a whiteout, and another chapter on the two-finger wave.

Then again, some "Montana" things might be just as easily explained with a YouTube video, like the ones you see on how to change your spark plugs, or how to install vinyl plank flooring.

Well, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is here to help.

New Video Series from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

FWP has started a new video series called "Field Trips" that gives insight into some of Montana's most common outdoor activities, wildlife, and frequented outdoor places.

Like, the Teller Wildlife Refuge in the Bitterroot Valley:

Or, have you ever wondered how FWP collects information about mountain lions? Meet the biologists and local houndsman, and the trained dogs they use to do it:

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Lauren Karnopp, the new Video Content Manager for FWP explained via email that the series is meant to "inspire stewardship" and help with transparency. "We believe by blending education, entertainment, and genuine experiences, we can foster a deeper appreciation for Montana's natural heritage," Karnopp said.

Along with transparency, the project is meant to educate and raise public awareness too. A look at the channel shows "Field Trips" have already been created for:

Videos are narrated by Karnopp and use an interview or documentary style, showing FWP employees engaging in their daily work while also conveying important information to the public.

Keep an eye on their channel for more "Field Trips."

Montana's 'Exotic Noncontrolled Species'

Here's a sample of some of the exotic animals that the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks consider "noncontrolled species" meaning they aren't prohibited unless it falls under Montana or Federal law. For more information about these species and other "exotic noncontrolled species" refer to the guidance from Montana Fish Wildlife, and Parks.

Gallery Credit: Ashley

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