Giving back and helping out non-profits in Montana has never been easier. A person can now help their friends and neighbors by just hitting a couple of buttons. This week is across Montana is the chance to hit those buttons and to help others. This week is when Montana can "Give Back".

Montana Gives Back This Week

From April 29th through May 3rd is when we different cities around Montana are holding their annual "Give Back" fundraising campaigns. It's your chance to learn and read about many different organizations around our state. You can pick and choose which organizations you want to help.

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Here are the Montana dates for giving back:

Once you have registered for the "give back" projects, donations are tax deductible. Next year, when tax season comes back around, you can log back on and get a record of all the organizations you have helped out for your tax records. It works really well and is simple.

So Many Chances to Help

There are hundreds of different organizations across Montana. You can help schools, artists, musicians, food banks, athletes and more are all in one place. Some of the "give back" events also offer prizes and other incentives to give. This is the week for all of Montana to help others out.

If you can't afford to help out this year, it is understandable with the financial struggles a lot of Montanans have been facing recently. Consider logging on and learning about some of the organizations that can use some help, that you may not have heard about. You can always help them out in the future, if you are able.

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