Montana is an enticing backdrop for movies and TV shows and it has been for decades. There have been a lot of movies that have been filmed in Montana. "Little Big Man", "Rancho Deluxe", "Legends Of The Fall", "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" and more. Recently we have had multiple TV shows being filmed in Montana. "Yellowstone", and "1923". "Yellowstone" has been a hugely successful franchise not only with viewers, but with the amount of money it has generated for our state.

Probably The Most Famous Movie Filmed In Montana

"A River Runs Through It" released back in 1992 seemed, to me, to really put Montana on the radar of people wanting to move here. It was beautifully shot and it made our state look very attractive as a place to live. Not every movie shot here has made Montana look great, or has drawn as much attention to our state.

Not All Montana Movies Are Great

"Disorganized Crime" came out in 1989, a few years before "A River Runs Through It". It had a great cast, Ed O'Neill, Hoyt Axton, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Corbin Bernson. It also had one of my all time favorite actors, Fred Gwynne, aka "Herman Munster" in the movie. When the movie was filming in Montana a few of my friends went to the set to see if we can see anyone famous. We saw Ed O'Neill in the distance, but we were able to see Fred Gwynne up close and he was nice enough to give me his autograph. The movie was not that great.

That movie did not make people want to move here.

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Made For TV Movies in Montana May Not Be That Great

More recently there was a Lifetime Channel movie starring Melissa Joan Hart, called "Mistletoe In Montana". It is supposed to take place around Christmas in Montana, but looks like it was filmed in the spring or fall.


One of the "Worst Films Ever Made" Was Shot In Montana

Probably the most notable movie that would make people not want to move here would be "Heaven's Gate" released in 1980. This was another movie set that I traveled to see while it was being filmed up near Kalispell, when I was a kid. It had an incredible budget at the time and has been called one of the "worst films ever made".

I am not saying these are bad movies. I am just saying none of these movies will make people want to move here any time soon.

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