We have seen some pretty dramatic changes in the weather recently in Montana. One day we have leaves on the trees and the next day we have snow. It looks like we may have an epic winter in Montana this year. Some people were not able to get their leaves out of their yard before the snow came. This week Montana is going to see some warming temperature, so you may have another chance to deal with the leaves. The question now is, should you rake your leaves and bag them, have the city take them away, or leave them?

According To Some Experts, Montanans Shouldn't Remove Their Leaves

According to a report from USA Today, there are experts that suggest you don't remove your leaves. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn't remove your leaves:

  • Leaves can help to fertilize your yard.
  • They slowly break down and can compost your trees.
  • The leaves won't end up in the landfill.
  • Leaves are a food source for many animals, like birds and bugs.

Alternatives to Raking and Bagging Leaves

If you don't want to remove your leaves this season, mowing them is a good alternative. Getting a backyard composting bin is another option to turn your leaves into rich nutrients for your lawn, garden or crops. If you have a lot of leaves and also a garden, leaves are a great way to help insulate your plants from the Montana cold and can break down and add nutrients to your plants over the winter. I have had neighbors over the years, that have asked me for my leaves for that purpose. They would trade me vegetables they grew, for the leaves to insulate them.

If You Haven't Raked Your Leaves Yet Montana, Maybe Don't This Time Around

If you haven't raked your leaves yet Montana, maybe don't do it this time around. Maybe mow them or compost them. It may just make your lawn look the best it's ever been.

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