Unusual locations recently drew Missoulians' attention when they were tagged with a graffiti message. Opinions were mixed about the message, some saying it caused little harm while others pointed out it is vandalism.

It served as a timely reminder that Missoula is covered with beautiful art in convenient locations for anyone to appreciate. There are murals in downtown Missoula, the X's and fish sculptures, and curated art collections at the Missoula Art Museum and the newly opened Montana Museum of Art and Culture.

But another common way to see art in Missoula is to look out your window when you're stopped at a traffic light. Missoula's utility boxes, thanks to a collaboration between the City of Missoula Public Works Department, State of Montana Department of Transportation, Missoula Redevelopment Agency, Missoula Business Improvement District, Missoula Neighborhood Councils, and private donors, are selected through a multi-year project to display art by local artists.

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The Missoula Public Art Committee has selected two more Traffic Signal Boxes to be designed, and they are inviting artists to apply to have their work featured.

1. Hwy 10 West & Mary Jane Blvd

Map of west Missoula with star

2. Palmer St. &  W. Broadway

map of plamer street at w. broadway in Missoula with a star

If you are an artist living in Missoula County who is interested in applying to have a design on one of these Traffic Signal Boxes, there are a few things you'll want to know.

The Eligibility: You must live in Missoula County

The Award/Budget: $1,500 for all materials and labor

The Medium: Paint or vinyl

The Deadline: Friday, June 14, 2024

You'll want to read the full Call to Artists as it has more specific details about the dimensions of the Traffic Signal Boxes, the approved materials, and full design criteria.

Have You Seen Missoula's Utility Boxes? Here are 21 of Them

Missoula's Traffic Light Box Art

Gallery Credit: Chris Wolfe

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Missoula, Montana is known for many things, including its thriving art scene. Take a look at Missoula's many outdoor art installations.

Gallery Credit: Chris Wolfe

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