Montana brewers have been honing their craft over the years to make some fantastic beers. Brewers in all parts of the state are taking their jobs of brewing quality and tasty beers very seriously. This tradition looks to continue with future brewers in Montana, that will get a chance to learn the art of brewing beer at MSU.

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Earlier this year, the Montana Brewers Association held their awards and spotlighted some of the best beers across the state. The beers that were award winning came from multiple breweries across the state. It's one thing to see how Montana beers stack up in our state, but how do our beers stack up on a global scale?

Montana Represents at World Beer Cup

Four Montana breweries took home medals this week at the "World Beer Cup". According to the Montana Brewers Association, this event is "the premiere international beer contest" with over 9,300 entries, 2,060 breweries, and 50 countries represented. This is an impressive event, and for Montana brewers to score medals is pretty special and something they should be proud of.

Congratulations Montana Brewers

Congratulations to the Montana brewers who brought home awards.

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On occasion I have enjoyed a beer or two that have been brewed in Montana. Every once in a while I try something new. Now I have a few other flavors of Montana beer to sample. Please enjoy responsibly.

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