Do you remember those "Magic Eye" books? They had distorted images that, if you looked at them long enough (or crossed your eyes) you could see a 3D image inside the distorted image. Those images have a name--they're called autostereograms.

It was easy to lose 45 minutes at Borders Books just staring at those books.

There's a whole generation of people who have been trained to solve visual puzzles like the Magic Eye images. If you remember those books, you probably also read "Where's Waldo" when you were little. Why were there so many books like these for kids--did they think these books would make us smarter?

As an adult, I see these fascinations often transformed into a fixation with topographical maps, or "track my ride/hike/run" type apps. There's something satisfying about seeing the rendering of somewhere you've been in 2D.

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If you've never spent much time playing around in Google Earth, (nerd moment) it can be a lot of fun. Viewing images on Google Earth reminds me of watching movies on the IMAX in Spokane. They were usually documentaries shot from helicopters with run-of-the-mill titles like "Flying Over Hawaii" but they were memorable and it made you feel like you were there.

Give It a Try: Identify These Montana Lakes

So if you are the type to appreciate to appreciate puzzles for the eyes or topography, try this digital game out. Below you'll find Google Earth Images of a few of Montana's lakes. Scroll slowly and see if you can identify the lake before seeing the answer. Then leave us a comment, or message us on the app, and let us know how many you got right. Good luck!

See If You Can Identify These Montana Lakes Using Google Earth Images

From above, Montana's lakes may be less recognizable than you might think. Test your knowledge--see if you recognize these Montana lakes from Google Earth images.

Gallery Credit: Ashley

The Most Popular Lakes In Montana

Montana is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country and with over 3000 lakes across The Treasure State, those who are looking to spend time on the water, have lots of options. From the biggest natural water lake west of the Mississippi to the crystal clear waters in our National Parks, check out the most popular lakes in Montana.

Gallery Credit: Derek Wolf

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