Have you seen or heard these commercials for the deodorant that you can put anywhere on your body?

They usually use funny euphemisms to refer to all the non-armpit places you can use the product. From how many ads I've seen or heard, you would think that America was having a crisis of aroma.  Who knew so many people were worried about how they smell?

Millennial men in particular are worried, I guess, according to a poll from OnePoll and Old Spice (go figure). Their data suggests 72% of American men are concerned about how they smell.

When I asked my male coworkers if they felt that that was true for them, two of them admitted, "Oh yeah, I walk into my house and wonder if I'm smelling the dishes or if it's me," and another said, "I'm afraid I've developed smell-blindness."

Maybe Old Spice and OnePoll are onto something.

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Montana Inspired Cologne and Perfume

There's no shortage of colognes or perfumes with some type of Montana reference. There's even a perfume brand called "Montana." But what if you want to smell like the state itself? How do you bottle the scent of Big Sky Country?

I used to make perfume so here's my take on what Montana--the place--would smell like as a cologne or perfume.

For a Cologne You'd Need

  • a base note of leather
  • a base note of whisky
  • a middle note of woodsmoke
  • a top note of prairie grass

For a Perfume You'd Need

  • a base note of huckleberry
  • a middle note of honey
  • a top note of high mountain creek water

Now if someone could bottle rugged individualism and add a few drops to both, I think they would be complete.

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