One of the first things you wonder about a place when you are considering moving is whether or not it's a good place to live. Missoulians wouldn't want me to say that Missoula is a good place to live because so many people are already discovering that. But since Missoula has changed so much over the last several years, I think we as locals need the occasional reminder of how good it is to live in Missoula.

Missoula Business Growth

A big part of what makes Missoula such a great city is the businesses that we frequent. Many of them become a part of our daily lives. In 2022, just the Missoula downtown saw 32 businesses open, and projections are that 2023 could be another year of growth.

But spreadsheets and margins aren't what make a person feel welcome.

Missoula Businesses With Something More

We asked Missoulians about the businesses that make them feel like family. We used the phrase "like family" because we wanted to shout out the businesses that go even beyond the kind of service that earns a Montanan's full support. When you feel like family, you feel supported and a sense of belonging. Usually, this is reserved for "regulars" at the "local watering hole," but that's not the case in Missoula.

Below, you'll read stories about celebrations that were made "delightful" by staff and being known by name. You'll see that one business responds to nearly every review they receive. The trait that I think these businesses share is dedication.

If you're touched by any of these reviews, or you're reminded of a business you haven't visited in a while. Go. Spread the love. And if there's somewhere you feel at home that we missed, tell us about it on our app and we'll add it to the list.

Missoula Businesses Where You'll Feel Like Family

Whether you're visiting or living in Missoula, you want to go where you'll feel welcome. There are the places that Missoulians recommend to go to feel like you're family.

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