I was absolutely delighted this week when I learned about a bluegrass band that would be floating the Clark Fork River while playing live music. It's the sort of stunt that is 1 part daring 2 parts wholesome that makes me wish I could float along and listen, but alas, I have other plans.

One detail I learned while writing that story was that the band would be floating on a river raft provided by the Love Boat Paddle Co. It's a company that I'd never heard of, but I thought it was cool they were helping out with the event.

Then I got curious about the other river rafting companies in Missoula that I might not know about and I stumbled on something fascinating.

Missoula's river rafting companies have incredibly high ratings on Google. And it's across the board. It's not like there are a few highly rated companies and then the rest are average. Every listing I found for "river rentals Missoula" that was an actual river rental company (there were a surprising number of apartment buildings that had river in the name)  had dozens of reviews that were over 4.5 stars.

Take a look at these amazing businesses in Missoula and what people are saying about them in their Google Reviews:

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Adventure Missoula - 5.0 Stars

"Adventure Missoula was fabulous." - Jim

Love Boat Paddle Co. - 4.9 Stars

"Highly recommend this place!!" - Sarah Beth

Clark Fork Yacht Club - 4.9 Stars

"My family and I had a stellar time floating the river with the Clark Fork Yacht Club." - EmpireGraffiti

10,000 Waves Raft & Kayak Adventures - 4.9 Stars

"They took a big group of my freshman class from Carroll and everyone had an absolute blast." - Nolan

Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures - 4.9 Stars

"Thanks Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures for the trip of a lifetime on the Salmon River." - Jillian

River City Brews Rafting Tours - 4.9 Stars

"Amazing experience, a must-do activity when in Missoula." - Neil

LB Snow - 4.8 Stars

"Go-to rental spot for kayaks and floats. The prices are the best in town, the staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!" Gillian

Trail Head River Sports - 4.7 Stars

"This is a super rad store."

What an amazing thing to see so many people appreciating the guides and businesses in Missoula.

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