After living in Billings for 10 years, I noticed on a recent visit that the businesses seemed to be playing "musical chairs" downtown. Many familiar businesses were still located downtown, but they were in new locations like they switched places.

Changes to Missoula Businesses in 2024

Missoula may be experiencing a little bit of this. The Catalyst reopened as Catalyst2G0 and is now located on Main St. Run Wild Missoula has also moved to Main Street.

But a coffee shop that had expanded to downtown is now "concentrating...back in the Spruce Street quonset hut." Black Coffee Roasting Company, which had a location inside The Wren Hotel on Main St., announced on Instagram yesterday that they would be leaving the heart of downtown.

Black Coffee Roasting Moving Off Main St Missoula

While they will continue to sell Grist Bread, Grist is preparing for its own move.

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Grist Milling and Bakery Moving in 2024

Things are coming along nicely at the corner of 3rd and Grant where Grist Milling and Bakery will move this summer. In April the James Beard-nominated bakery announced they would have a new home 520 Grant St. as the first-floor tenant of a building built by Hone Architects + Builders who will also have operations in the same facility.

Wren hotel in downtown Missoula with blue sky
Ashley, Townsquare Media

It's a relief that these beloved Missoula businesses are just transitioning and not closing. We'll have to watch The Wren to see if another local shop will be moving in or if they have other plans for the space.

45 Missoula Businesses That Opened, Changed Ownership, Expanded, or Changed Location

Yes, there has been a lot of change with Missoula businesses since 2020. Here is an idea of the business growth that has taken place.

Gallery Credit: Ashley Warren

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