Have you noticed there are quite a few "help wanted" signs around Missoula?

With the student population, Missoula expands and contracts throughout the year, but it is also known as one of the best places in Montana to find a summer job. If you are looking for work at the beginning of this summer season, I came across some interesting positions. Take a look at some of the places that are hiring right now.

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Be a Cake Decorator

A unique opportunity has opened up at Bernice's Bakery to be a full-time decorator. The best part is, they say they're willing to train. Given how many artistic types we have in Missoula this could be a coveted position. If you are interested, you can find more information at this link.

Play Ball!

It's baseball season and there are several opportunities with the Missoula Paddleheads.This is a great opportunity if you're just looking for summer work but they do have year-round positions open as well. Find out more at this link. 

Pizza Delivery

This job makes it on the list because it's a classic and the gig is with a long-timed loved Missoula pizza restaurant, Bridge Pizza. It's not every food delivery job that comes with benefits, but this position does after 6 months and if you're working at least 30 hours a week. Find out more about the position at this link. (I also saw other delivery driver jobs available in Missoula right now if that's your jam).

Transportation Security Officer (TSA)

The requirements are extensive, but the pay is pretty good, and it would interesting to work for TSA (have you seen their Instagram account and the hilarious things people try to bring on planes?). Find out more at this link.

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