Recently the most comprehensive study regarding a "four-day working week" was conducted by Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. The study didn’t extend the workday hours, from 8 to 10 hours in order to continue the forty-hour work week. The businesses kept the work day at 8 hours, with a 32-hour workweek. 61 different organizations across the U.K. were included in the study. It lasted for six months. After the study was completed over 90% of the businesses that participated are planning on continuing the “four-day workweek”. Some companies have already permanently made the change to their company.  

Montana Schools Went To Four Days

Montana has had a large number of schools move to a four-day week during the 2021-2022 school year. Would we ever consider moving to a “four-day workweek”?

Less "Burnout" for Montana 

According to the findings of the study, they found 71% of employees reported lower levels of “burnout”. Sick days decreased. Employees were able to spend more time for themselves. Which led to, in some cases, an increase in production. The studies are not just in the U.K. but also in the United States and Ireland.

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Montana Works Hard

Montana has a history of working hard. There have been railroads built. Mining, ranching, farming, wildland firefighting, and the list goes on and on. Imagine how much more we could accomplish and how much happier our workers would be if we had that extra day every week to enjoy ourselves? Maybe Montana wouldn’t have so much anger. On the other hand, with an extra day off, maybe it will be even more difficult to find a camp spot in Montana. 

It Won't Work For Every Job In Montana

Not every job in Montana can move to the “four-day workweek” model, but maybe it is something that more businesses can try out down the road. I don't think the "four-day workweek" will be coming to my job any time soon. After all, we still need to have the morning DJs say “It’s Finally Friday”.  That just doesn't work on a Thursday.  

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