Montana is a great place to live. That may be a bit of an understatement. Montana is a fantastic place to live. I feel incredibly lucky and proud to call this my home state. One element that makes Montana so great are the people. 

Has There Been A Shift In Montana? 

It seems that in the past few years, there has been a shift in attitude in Montana, not for the positive. Focusing on the negative is not my style, I like to think in general I am a positive person. Lately though, it seems that Montana has become angrier than it has been in the past. This could be my imagination, or is it?  

More Negative Stories In Montana

We have had stories of people being harassed in Montana because they happen to have out-of-state license plates, even though they are locals. For those that aren’t aware, we have rental cars in this state that happen to come from other states that are used by locals.  

This Is Shocking Montana

Wallet Hub released a study on the “Most Sinful States”. Montana came in at number 37 out of the 50 states. According to them we are not very “Sinful” overall. When I read the report, there was a part that was shocking to me. Montana ranked number 4 in “Anger & Hatred” out of the entire United States. Number 4. The only other states that ranked higher were southern states, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Montana Shouldn't Be Proud Of This

The ranking was based on multiple metrics, from violent crimes, road rage incidents, hate groups, internet comments that are hostile, and more. Those are all things that I don’t think anyone from Montana would be proud of.

Montana Is Better Than What They Say 

Maybe I am a hopeless optimist, or I just don’t remember that much anger and hatred in Montana. I believe that our state is better than what our ranking shows. I am still an optimist. Montana let’s all be better than that we can do it.  

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