We love dogs here in Montana. Some people love them so much they take them everywhere they go. Here is a gentle reminder that unless the event specifically is for dogs or if you have a service dog, you can leave them at home when you go to events. Coming up this weekend is an event that is specifically for our four legged, fetching, drooling companions. The Five Valley Kennel Club will be hosting their annual dog show this weekend and the Missoula Fair Grounds.

We Have Never Owned A "Dog Show" Dog

My family has never had a dog that would ever be able to compete at any kind of dog show. Most of the dogs I have owned have been a mix of breeds including my current dog. We got it's DNA tested and it came back with a wide range of breeds, the main two being Border Collie and German Shephard. We have been through a lot with this dog. He was accidently hit by a car when his leash broke when he was about a year old. Just this year he had to have two knee surgeries and is finally on the mend. There is no way that he would ever qualify to be part of a dog show, but he is part of the family.

Credit: Chris Wolfe/Canva
Credit: Chris Wolfe/Canva

Check This One Out

Missoula Five Valley Kennel Club's Featured Events

The events will be starting this Thursday June 1st and run through Sunday June 4th. According to their website here are some of the featured events for the dog show:

  • Thursday June 1st 4-6 month beginner puppies
  • Friday June 2nd Best Bred by Exhibitor and Barn Hunt
  • Saturday June 3rd Best Veteran, Parade of Therapy Dogs, and Yellowstone Day
  • Sunday June 4th Best Overall Junior Handler

This Weekend at the Missoula Fairgrounds

Make your plans to go see some of the best dogs in the region this weekend at the Missoula Fairgrounds.

Adorable Dogs of Missoula

Missoulians submitted pictures of their dogs for National Dog Day. Enjoy!

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