Dear Missoula Pet Owners,

Missoula and Western Montana are starting to crank up the events. There will be something happening almost every day from now until the snow flies, and maybe even after that. People in Missoula like to bring their pets with them everywhere. Pets don't have to come to all the events. Unless you have a service animal or the event is "pet friendly", leave your pets at home.

Western Montana Loves Their Pets

I am not trying to be a "party pooper". We know you love your pets, there are just some places they don't belong. I know pets are members of your family. I appreciate that. Let's be honest, when we say "pets" we actually mean dogs. In all the years I have been going to events in Western Montana, other than dogs, I have only ever seen a ferret. Not one cat on a leash. It's almost always dogs.

I am a Dog Owner, but I Leave Him at Home

I am a dog owner and yes I like my dog. Does everyone else like the big lug? I doubt it. I also appreciate other people's dogs. Most of the time they are much more well-mannered than my own dog. Not only do pets get agitated with the size of the crowds, but loud music can be an issue too. When multiple people bring their dogs to events, that can cause problems. The smell of all the food they don't get a chance to eat must be torture for a dog.

Missoula Health Department Has Rules

That brings me to another point. The Missoula County Health Department has a lot of rules when it comes to food vendors and one of the rules is you can't have animals in close proximity to food being served. There have been multiple events that I have been a part of and we have been asked multiple times to make announcements for people to please leave their pets at home.

Service Animals and Pet Friendly Events Excluded

Service animals are exempt because they have been trained to handle these situations. This is also not intended for "pet friendly" events. There are plenty of those in Missoula. In the meantime, enjoy all the events and splendor that Western Montana has to offer this spring, summer, and fall. Please leave your pets at home.



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