Disneyland is nicknamed the "Happiest Place On Earth". I think we could use some of that "happy feeling" in Montana these days. We have had reports of how "angry" Montana has become. I don't agree with those reports, I think we are much "happier" than they say. I have a theory that Walt Disney may have gotten some of his inspiration for Disneyland and and the rides from Montana.

Putting The Montana Disney Theory To The Test

The Matterhorn- The "bobsled" ride down a big mountain is rumored to be inspired by a mountain in Switzerland. I disagree, it looks more like Big Sky, Montana to me.

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Credit: Chris Wolfe

Autopia- This is the ride that has cars that drive around a track with rails on the sides so no one can get off the road. This sounds like it could be used on Highway 93, between Missoula and Hamilton.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- This ride is a roller coaster train that rumbles down a mountain with mining equipment. This is just like going up and down Homestake Pass outside of Butte.

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The Haunted Mansion- Just like it says, it is a haunted mansion. We have more than one of those in Montana. The Moss Mansion in Billings and the Daly Mansion in Hamilton are two of them.

Grizzly River Run- This ride is a water slide ride down a river. This one is easy, it is even named after Montana's Official State Animal. The inspiration for this, must have come from the Alberton Gorge.

Jungle Cruise- This ride is a riverboat ride that cruises through a jungle and explores the wildlife. This could be accomplished on the "Fort Peck Reservoir". You can cruise and see the wildlife there too.

Splash Mountain- This is another roller coaster ride that ends up in water splashing the people watching. This same ride could be run along the Gallatin River.

Finding Nemo Submarine- This ride is a submarine that dives deep in the sea to look for the mythical "Nemo" from the movie. This ride could totally be done on Flathead Lake. The "Finding The Flathead Monster Submarine" ride.

It's A Small World- This ride is to show how we are all connected and how the world isn't so big. We all know that the song can get stuck in your head for days, months and in some cases years. We, of course, not a small state. How about we change the lyrics to "It's the Big Sky after all"? You are welcome.

Montana Can Be A Happy Place

I think my theory stands up. I also think with all we have going for it, and if we put some thought into it, Montana is actually the "Happiest Place On Earth".

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