The Chris and Ashley Show invites you to nominate someone who deserves to be an "Everyday Rockstar."

It's easy to get distracted by bad news, but we want to focus on the positive. We want to recognize and give some much-deserved praise to the amazing people of Montana, including places like Missoula County, Ravalli County, Lake County, and Granite County--or anywhere in Montana.

What is an Everyday Rockstar?

An Everyday Rockstar can be anyone who stands out for being awesome, excellent, talented, kind, compassionate, brave, or thoughtful--you get the idea. They could have done something big, like set a World Record, or something small, like give out free smiles. Here's an example of some of the Everyday Rockstars we've already shared:

Who Can Be an Everyday Rockstar?

Anybody! This is about telling the stories of amazing people in Montana and spreading some positivity.

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How Can I Submit an Everday Rockstar?

Call The Chris and Ashley Show from 6 am to 10 am, Monday through Friday at 406-542-7625, or message them on the app. But we've provided a handy-dandy form below where you can give us the details.

Where Can I Read or Hear About Z100's Everyday Rockstars?

What's great about Everyday Rockstars is that Chris and Ashley will be talking about them every day! Listen to The Chris and Ashley Show on Z100 on weekdays just after 7:00 am to hear about each day's Everday Rockstar. Read the stories behind some of our Everyday Rockstars on the Z100 app or website.

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