The Roxy Theater is bringing a great movie back to the big screen this Thursday for free. "Captain Fantastic" starring Viggo Mortensen will be showing at 5:30pm. This film will be kicking off the Roxy's "Science on Screen" season. Following the show, there will be a discussion led by Dr. Solomon Dobrowski, professor of Landscape Ecology at the University of Montana. entitled, "We all need forests to be philosopher kings".


According to the press release from the Roxy, the focus of the discussion will be how "Forests are often portrayed in art as apart from the world, removed from society, and a place to return to nature."

Captain Fantastic

"Captain Fantastic" is about a family that lives deep in the wilderness in Washington state, and are isolated from society and technology. When the mother suddenly dies, the father must take his sheltered children to the outside world for the first time.

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Science on Screen

Science on Screen is part of Coolidge Corner Theatre and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation that awards grants to independent cinemas, museums and civic groups with film programs. The cool part is they show all kinds of films, from classic, cult, or documentaries. Each of the grant recipients will be showing three films with a discussion following. The shows and discussions will be free to the public.

It's a good movie

I have seen the movie and it is a great flick. It is funny and heartwarming and even made me choke up a little. When I watched the film I never looked at it through "Scientific Eyes", so I would be interested to hear what this discussion will be about. Keep in mind this will be the first in the series of films at the Roxy. For show times and other films give them a call at (406) 728-9380 or check out The Roxy Theater online.

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