If you’ve seen the cartoon "The Jetsons" you might have heard some trivia that George Jetson’s birthday was July 31st, 2022. So, where is our flying car? Well, it's coming. Could you be the first Montanan traversing Big Sky Country in a flying car?

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

It could involve you! Several makers are offering early versions or trying to gain FAA approval, including this French-made Zapata JetRacer. The video is Impressive.

Sign Up For The Test Flights. Yes!

It might look a bit like your recliner although with jet turbine power, it will fly up to 10 thousand feet at 150 mph, and do 360-degree barrel rolls. Try your luck and sign up for the test flight campaign here in the U.S. 100 people will be chosen to participate in selection tests. They encourage you not to wait to sign up. I don’t meet the requirements, but you might become the first with a flying car in your city.

Back to "The Jetsons" cartoon for a second.

In a nod to the show’s inspiration, there is a Jetson ONE “Flying Car” manufactured by a Swedish company that says they expect to start deliveries by the end of this year. More like a drone, you don’t need a license to drive it (which is terrifying). It costs about as much as a new pickup, which today sounds reasonable for a FLYING CAR but take heart, it's already sold out for at least a year.

If you do a browser search for flying cars for sale you get a gaggle of entries with various configurations very much like the early days of the automobile. So sooner than you imagine, you might be the first in Montana to have a flying car parked in the driveway, or hovering over head-zipping past.

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