Seeing where Montana ranks in studies is an entertaining hobby for me. The studies seem to cause arguments and disagreements. I am always interested to see where Montana ranks compared to other states in all kinds of different categories. 

We Have Covered Montana Zombie Stories Before

We have covered "Zombie" stories before. When "Zombie Tools Teamed up with Kettlehouse to Create a New Stout Beer". We have covered how to "Survive a Zombie apocalypse in Montana". But, where does Montana actually rank when it comes to how prepared we are for a "Zombie Apocalypse"? Insuranks has recently ranked the "Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness" of the United States. They studied Google analytics and interviewed 1000 people to come to their conclusions. 

Montana's Ranking Is Too Low

Montana's ranked at number 7. This is where the arguments start. I don't agree with our ranking. It seems too low. I would have put Montana at number 3, right behind Wyoming and Alaska. Montana ranked behind Delaware, really? Behind both North and South Dakota? If you have lived here or spent much time here you would know that ranking is low.  

I Would Have Put Alaska At Number 1

I can understand Wyoming and Alaska being ranked at number 1 and number 2, respectively, but I would disagree with that too. I personally, would have placed Alaska at number 1. To me, Alaskans seem like they could take on any kind of "apocalypse".

I Won't Argue With The Bottom 

The bottom of the rankings will not get any argument from me. New York, Florida, Texas and California at the bottom, seems about right. These are also the states most likely to be the starting point of a "Zombie Apocalypse". You can also add Georgia to that list, I am guessing that is because the CDC has headquarters in Atlanta, or because it is the setting for the "Walking Dead".

More Thank Just Preparedness

After reading the report there is another ranking I disagree with. Insuranks also asked about the "Most Trustworthy People" during a "Zombie Apocalypse". Pets only got 14% of the vote. I trust my pet more than I trust most people, and he's not that bright. But, I will save that argument for a different day.

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