Montana has become synonymous with the kind of lifestyle that welcomes a slower pace to life, the benefits of the outdoors, and all around, a more relaxing way to live. People have been coming to Montana for decades to relax and experience the activities the state is known for.

People visit Montana in order to:

  • hike in Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park
  • soak in our many hot springs, like Chico Hot Springs, or Boulder Hot Springs
  • go "off-grid" by camping or staying in a cabin

But what about the people who already live in Montana? How do Montanans relax when we already live in a relaxing place?

The reality is that while the activities listed above are relaxing, they're not necessarily relaxing for Montanans. If you've been visiting Yellowstone National Park every summer since you were a kid, it's probably become a stressful experience in the last five years or so. Same with soaking in the hot springs--the stress of having to plan so far in advance in order to make a reservation is just not something most Montanans are used to.

There are ways to relax that might have more local appeal, though. We asked on our Facebook page what locals recommend and then added in a few of our own favorite methods.

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Of course, if you feel like the stress you experience is more than what might be considered normal, don't be afraid to talk to your primary care provider about it. There are many ways to deal with stress, and it might just be about finding the way that feels best to you.

If you are looking for some easy and very "Montana" ways to relieve stress, here are our recommendations.

If You Need to Relax, Here's What Montanans Recommend

Sure people come to Montana to relax, but what do Montanans do to relax? Here are a few suggestions:

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