One of the big stories of 2024 was when Wendy's announced that they were going to have digital menu board that can change the prices with a few clicks of a mouse. There were reports the chain was going to experiment with "surge pricing" in 2025, which means they can charge more at certain times of the day. There was a lot backlash about the prospect of that happening.

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Walmart Stores Will See Technology Changes

Walmart stores are set to see some changes. They are going to be using a new technology, for them, with using "digital shelf labels" for their products. According to a press release from Walmart, they have been experimenting with this technology at a store in Grapevine, Texas. They will be rolling this technology out to 2,300 stores by 2026.

The Technology Will Help Employees and Customers

With over 120,000 products on their shelves, they now have to change all the shelf labels by hand any time there is a price change. They will now be able to change prices by using a mobile app. They are saying this technology will be an improvement not only for the employees and their management of inventory, but for their customers too.

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They point to employees being able to spend more time with customers because they will not have to spend time changing the prices. They will also be able to fulfill online orders quicker because employees can go directly to the products that are being ordered online. There has been no mention of the stores using the digital shelf labels for any kind of "surge pricing".

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