Montana has the slogan of the "Last best Place". Some people have taken that to heart and have chosen Montana to be their destination to move to and settle down. It's hard to believe that it was already a few years ago that Montana was the number one state for people to relocate during the pandemic. That was already years ago. Will Montana continue to see the growth we have recently seen or has the appeal worn off?

Will Negative Stories About Montana Deter People From Coming Here?

Will any of the negative reports or stories about Montana recently deter people from moving here? Is Montana's "15 Minutes of Fame" finally coming to an end?  Montana ranks really high on how much "anger" we have in our state. Montana is my home and it is a wonderful place to live, but not everybody feels that way. Not everything about the state is positive.

Viral Video Comparing Montana and Rhode Island

Recently a TikTok video was posted comparing Montana to Rhode Island, and Montana does not come out looking very good. The social media creator Nick Powers, with over 400,000 followers, took a look at the two states that are closest in population, but furthest apart in political affiliation. He compared the two states on a variety of categories. In all of the categories he chose, Montana came out looking worse than Rhode Island. So far the video has over 434,000 likes. If you want to watch the video before TikTok becomes illegal in Montana, you can find the video below.

Maybe the Comparison Can be a Good Thing for Montana

Nick Powers admits in the video that this is all anecdotal. I have never set foot in Rhode Island and I don't plan on visiting there any time soon. Maybe if this video continues to go viral more people will want to move to Rhode Island instead of Montana and that could take care of some of the problems that he pointed out.

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