Well, it might be finally happening. The end could be in sight. This may be the sign that Montana's time in the spotlight might be coming to end.

First, Why Montana Was Famous in the First Place

I may be oversimplifying but the two factors that most people point to for Montana's recent gain in popularity is 1) the beautiful landscape and disperse population as a draw for people during the pandemic and 2) the appeal and promotion of the "Montana lifestyle" by way of the show "Yellowstone." Combining those factors, it's no wonder Montana has been the "it" place for a while now. Though, there are some hints that the bloom is off the rose.

Why Montana Is Becoming Less Popular

"Yellowstone" is Ending

There's a proverb about giveth and taketh away that may apply here. Even though there are spinoffs, prequels, etc., "Yellowstone" is ending after season five airs in November 2023. Of course, the other shows are filming around Montana, but I'd argue they're not as compelling as the original. With less "Yellowstone" fervor, there may be less Montana fervor as well.

Real Estate is Less Plentiful

Unless you have unlimited resources, moving to the major cities in Montana because "it's cheap" is not much of a reality anymore. Prices have increased and availability was scarce for a while, though it is improving. Not to mention, the strain on living costs for locals has made some people downright hostile toward transplants, which might make Montana less appealing.

But I think there's another reason why Montana is becoming less popular.

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Montana Has Become Ubiquitous

Just like any celebrity that's making headlines one day and six months later everyone has forgotten about them, I think Montana is reaching the end of its popularity. Montana made international news when the balloon was discovered over Billings. Then, Representative Zooey Zephyr made national news when she was censured by the state legislature. Then, Montana made international news again when Governor Gianforte signed a bill to ban TikTok in the state. We can't get much more attention than that, can we?

Well, now Montana is so ubiquitous it's been reduced to a punchline on America's Got Talent. In the upcoming season, a comedian cracks jokes about "Yellowstone" the show, and Yellowstone National Park.

Five or ten years ago, these jokes wouldn't have landed because not enough people were familiar with the park or Montana in general (and we didn't have "Yellowstone" yet either). Now, Montana is so ubiquitous it's appealing to all of America. And just like when parents join the newest social networks their kids use, I think this is the indicator that Montana is about to get less "cool."

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