If you spend any time in this state you will see dogs. You will see them on leashes. You will see them off leashes. They are in parks, in the woods, in the cities. You will see them on lakes, and rivers. You will also see them in lakes and rivers. You will also see them in all different manner of vehicles.

My Montana Dogs Love Car Rides

Every dog I have had since I was a kid, loved going on car rides and sticking their heads out the window when it is rolled down. They have loved it so much that when the window isn't down, they will still try to stick their head out. Every car I drive has dog nose prints on the inside of the windows.

This Law Would Be Broken Repeatedly In Montana

Florida wants to change that. They are proposing Senate Bill 932 that reads:

Prohibiting a person from taking specified actions relating to the transportation of dogs on public roadways

There are a lot of provisions included in the proposed bill, including making it illegal to "Allow a dog to extend it's head or any other body part outside a motor vehicle while the person is operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway". This is specifically directed at dog owners. I haven't ever owned any other pets, or lived in Florida. I have some questions. Don't other pets like to put their heads out the window on a nice drive? In Florida, don't most people have iguanas or alligators as pets? I imagine an iguana would like stick it's head out the car window.

This Just Wouldn't Work In Montana

This bill would never pass in Montana. Just take a drive around any town in our magnificent state and you will see a dog with it's head out of a window in a vehicle. We are keeping an eye on the Montana legislature and letting you know about bills being introduced regarding libraries,  and scientific theory. If a proposed bill like this comes along in Montana, we will let you know.

Adorable Dogs of Missoula

Missoulians submitted pictures of their dogs for National Dog Day. Enjoy!

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