Not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day. Some say it is a holiday that was manufactured by the greeting card, florist and chocolate industries. But for some, they fully embrace the holiday and use it as a chance to get away and enjoy each other's company. By mid February, the thought of getting out of Montana and going somewhere tropical can be very appealing. Not everyone can afford a trip to Hawaii or Cabo this time of year. There are plenty of romantic options in our own back yard in Montana, and with imagination and a swimsuit, some may even feel tropical.

Chico Hot Springs Montana

Chico Hot Springs in Paradise Valley, between Livingston and Yellowstone is an incredible location for a romantic getaway.

Fairmont Hot Springs Montana

Fairmont Hot Springs located outside of Butte is another great place to go. You can go skiing up at Discovery Ski Area and relax after in the hot springs. They have one of the bigger outdoor hot springs pools I have been to in Montana.

Quinn's Hot Springs Montana

Quinn's Hot Springs located in Paradise Montana, has expanded their pools recently to accommodate even more people. The reservations fill up fast all year long.

Lolo Hot Springs

Lolo Hot Springs located on Highway 12 in Lolo is another great hot springs. You can rent individual cabins for your stay and warm up in the hot springs or hike, or snowmobile near by.

Not Every Get Away Has A Hot Springs In Montana

Double Arrow Lodge is located outside of Seeley Lake. They offer cabins, or you can stay in the lodge. You can also cross-country ski around the golf course in the winter.

Somers Bay On Flathead Lake

Somers Bay Cabins located in Somers Montana by Flathead Lake. If you want a quiet cabin this is a great place. If you want to ski, you can go to either Whitefish Mountain or nearby Blacktail. Or you can just enjoy the quiet and a view of Flathead Lake.

Skiing Together In Montana

If skiing or snowboarding as a couple is something you want to do then there are plenty of opportunities for places to stay on some of the biggest mountains Montana has to offer. Big Sky Montana,  or Whitefish Resort are some options.

Montana Has Options

We have so many options for romantic getaways in Montana, sometimes it can overwhelming to choose just one. Or maybe since Valentine's Day this year is on a Tuesday, you may want to just get a card, make a dinner at home and go to bed at a reasonable hour. The choice is yours.

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