The arrival of spring in Montana will eventually mean the weather will warm up and that will gives us an opportunity to see more skin. This is the chance to break out the shorts, t-shirts and skirts. The warmer weather will also give people an opportunity to also show off their tattoos, if they have them.

First of It's Kind Event is Coming to Missoula

If you have been wanting a tattoo, there is a "first of it's kind" opportunity for you to get that ink that you have thought about. Coming up on Saturday April 13th hosted at Pearl Boba at 420 North Higgins from 10a-6p is a "Tattoo Pop-Up", featuring Kip & Koe and Black Willow Tattoo.

Missoula Tattoo Pop-Up Poster
Credit: Kip & Koe via Instagram

I spoke with Saar Elliott of Kip & Koe about the event. The Missoula County Health Department issued a temporary tattoo license for the event and according to Saar, the health department hadn't ever issued a license for something like this, making it a first of it's kind of event.

"Hand Poke Tattoos" are Unique

Saar does a different kind of tattooing that you may be familiar with. It is called "hand poke tattooing", which doesn't use electricity or a tattoo machine. It is done with needles by hand. According to Saar:

It's a really cool process and the tattoos heal differently than with a machine. So it's definitely a unique style.


Saar Elliott Tattoo of a Bear
Credit: Saar Elliott, Kip & Koe via Instagram

Maddie Coffman from Black Willow Tattoo will also be at the pop-up tattoo event. Maddie uses a tattoo machine for their artwork.

Black Willow Tattoo (@blackwillowtattooz) • Instagram photos and videos
Credit: Black Willow Tattoo (@blackwillowtattooz) • Instagram photos and videos


The Plan for the Pop-Up Event

For those that are interested in getting a tattoo at this event, here is what you can expect. Saar and Maddie have designed various tattoos for this specific event. Customers should plan on getting there early, sign up for a time slot, then pick a design. All the sizes and colors are set. They will only be tattooing arms and legs that day. It is also a cash only event.

If spots fill up, they are still inviting people to come down, have a boba tea from Pearl Boba and see what the event is all about and look around the Missoula Makers Collective. If you can't make it to the event, but would like to collaborate with either Saar or Maddie on a future tattoo you can send them a message through their Instagram accounts. Saar at Kip & Koe and Maddie at Black Willow Tattoo.

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