Montana is a big state, with a smaller population compared to other states. There are a lot places available in Montana where a person can get away from others, if that's what they want. Some places in Montana can be considered "lonely". Sometimes that is by design.

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Montana's "Loneliest" City

Surprisingly the "loneliest city" in Montana isn't some small isolated town. It is a town with a University and a thriving concert scene. According to the "loneliest city" in Montana is Missoula.

What Makes a City Lonely?

According to the report to determine the "loneliest" cities, they looked at "non-family households" out of all households according to the U.S. Census among other criteria. They acknowledge that living alone doesn't necessarily make people lonely. They report that 37.1 million people live alone, which is 28.6% of the American population. The report also notes that a majority of those people living alone nationwide are under 65 years old.

Missoula Doesn't Have To Be Lonely, Unless You Want It to Be

Missoula, specifically, doesn't seem like it is a town that would be described as "lonely". With all that there is to do in Missoula and the surrounding communities, compared to other Montana cities, it doesn't seem like a "lonely" city. It can be difficult for some people to take advantage of all that Missoula has to offer. It's not easy to meet new people or to go to concerts or sporting events by yourself. But for those that are willing to make an effort, it can be very rewarding and maybe not so lonely, unless that's what a person wants.

10 Montana Cities Ranked by How Diverse They Are

Montana may not be known for its diversity but it is interesting to see the diversity within the state. WalletHub did a 2024 study of diversity in U.S. cities and we've pulled out the Montana cities below. Not all variables from the study are included, but you can get an idea of how diverse each city is.

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