The 59th Annual Z100 Great Pumpkin Has Been Found! Congratulations to Christy Vonlanken who found the Great Pumpkin. Christy has won a prize pack worth over $1200!

Brian and Chris, Christy and Great Pumpkin/Credit: Brian Lee
Brian and Chris, Christy and Great Pumpkin/Credit: Brian Lee

The Great Pumpkin was hidden on the Inez Trail in Upper Miller Creek on the backside of Dean Stone Mountain. It was behind some trees off of the trail. Christy hiked over 18 miles in her quest for the pumpkin, even though it was much closer to the road than that.

Here are the clues that were given and their meanings.

  1. One side faces the city- Dean Stone faces the city, back side is where pumpkin is. 
  2. If still asphalt you haven't gone far enough- the road turns to gravel.
  3. You can go left or right and they can both get to me- either trail you take it is a loop.
  4. Contented Canines- go past Happy Paws dog kennel.
  5. If you cross 5th or 6th you are wrong – South Inez street intersects South 5th and 6th streets in Missoula.
  6. There is no “South” in this one- Inez trail isn’t South Inez street.
  7. There is a time limit- part of the trail system closes December thru May.
  8. This is a gift to all of us- Part of the 5 Valleys Land Trust trial system that is being developed for all of us.
  9. Anniston movie – "We're the Millers", upper Miller Creek.
  10. A cruiser road is too far- “Cruiser” another name for logger the old logging road is too far up the mountain.
  11. Equines around- Horses on the way and horse tracks on the trails and in the houses down below.
  12. 2 point 5 will get you one thousand- 2.5 miles to the top of Legacy point 1000 feet of elevation on the sign at the bottom of the hill.
  13. The head section and a crag- "Dean" is another term for head of a section and "Crag" is another name for "Stone".
  14. The tall grass would be a great hiding place, but that’s not it- If you reach the tall grass up the trail you've gone too far.
  15. Not in the open space- There is open space around the trail head but it is in the trees a little further up the trail.
  16. Look to the trees- It was in the trees not the open spaces
  17. 2 on the trees have the rules- Inez trailhead has 2 signs where you park that say no overnight camping or overnight parking
  18. Not everyday you see a yurt- You pass a yurt on Upper Miller Creek heading to the trailhead.

Thanks to all who looked for the pumpkin and we couldn't do it without all of our sponsors!

  • Scheels $100 gift card
  • Silver Slipper Casino 5x $20 gift cards
  • Buff City Soaps gift pack $75
  • Magic Touch Car Wash punch card valued at $50
  • Claim Jumper Casino $100 gift card and a $50 hoodie
  • Caras Nursery and Landscape gift basket valued at $90
  • Sun Kissed Tanning 30 day unlimited package with lotion $180
  • Great Harvest Break Company $50 gift card
  • Montana Club $200 gift card
  • Lookout Throwing Company $60 gift card and 2 coozies
  • Laughing Grizzly $100 gift card
  • Wal-Mart $50 gift card

We have big plans for next year because the Great Pumpkin will be 60 years old!

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