We posed the question "Where is the best place to film a horror movie in Montana" to our listeners recently and boy did we get some great answers. Montana, "The Last Best Place" and a great place to film a horror movie. We have it all in our state, woods, mountains, isolated cabins, scary lakes, haunted buildings, history, plenty of places to film a horror movie. So here are the best answers and best settings for a horror movie in Montana.

The Woods

Montana has plenty of wide open space and plenty of woods. As a matter of fact Montana has approximately 3.5 million acres of wilderness according to Wildmontana.org, that is a lot of scary hiding places to follow the horror movie theme.

Quake Lake

I always thought that Earthquake Lake, "Quake Lake" would be a great location for a horror movie. The true story of the lake that was created by an earthquake in Montana on August 17, 1959 always freaked me out and fascinated me at the same time. There were 28 casualties from that quake and the lake filled in on the Madison River. I have visited the lake and still find it to be a scary place.

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The "In-Laws"

Yes, people think their "in-laws" are that scary. I don't know why there hasn't been a horror movie called "The In-Laws", there have been a couple comedies, but no horror movie, yet!

Abandoned Air Force Base

The Glasgow Air Force near Glasgow Montana was mentioned. It stopped operation in 1976. Something about an abandoned anything that was an isolate military instillation seems like a good location for a scary movie!

Ghost Towns

Montana has their share of ghost towns that were mentioned. Bannack, Garnet, Virginia City, we have a lot of them and they could all be great movie locations. They actually have the word "Ghost" in their names which is half the battle.

Old Prison

The Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge made the list. This is a place that I have only seen the outside of, and for that I am glad. I don't do well with "historical small spaces" where I can be locked up.

Butte, Montana

The number one answer by an overwhelming majority was Butte! Butte has the history, the haunted buildings, the stories, they have it all! The filming of the Yellowstone TV series 1923 is already being filmed in Butte so they have the cameras, the actors, let's get to work on the horror movie there now!

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