Every so often, there's a self-help book about love that captures the nation's attention. In 1992, "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" by John Gray was published and couples everywhere started paying attention to the way they communicated with each other. Interestingly enough, in the same year, "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman was also published. It wouldn't really take off until the 2010s. Now, it's almost become shorthand for how a person loves or wants to be loved. Of course, if you want to find out what your love languages are, there's a quiz!

I you live in or have any understanding of Montanan, I can offer how a Montanan would show their love. Just maybe, you'll see yourself in these descriptions.

Love Language: Words of Affirmation (Compliments)

Montana Translation:

When after being committed to your loved one for at least a decade, the Montanan offers something like, "You look good in those Carharts" you'll know that this is their love language. In platonic situations, you might hear a Montanan say something like "I would have fixed that fence the same way you did." Don't take the subtlety for granted. Any compliment at all will come from deep in a Montanan's heart.

Love Language: Quality Time

Montana Translation:

You'll know this is your Montanan's Love Language if they want to take any road trip across the state, on a backroad, on a dirt road, or U.S. Highway 2. Same goes for any couple's ultra marathon, couple's bike-packing trip, or couple's motorcycle tour over Beartooth Highway.

Love Language: Receiving Gifts

Montana Translation:

Your Montanan will gift you a carcass. If they really love you, they'll offer to make it into a special recipe that only they know how to make.

Love Language: Acts of Service

Montana Translation:

Almost exclusively, you'll recognize this love language because your Montanan will offer to do things to your vehicle. You might notice your tires have been rotated or the oil has been changed. Heck, you might even find yourself with a brand-new set of tires--all without asking.

Love Language: Physical Touch

Montana Translation

In my observations, Montanans aren't huge on public displays of affection. But, you might find yourself holding hands as you're led up the side of a mountain on an epic hiking trail. Or you might get a kiss on the cheek when you straddle an ATV together. The gesture that might be the simplest of all is a hand on the small of your back, just letting you know that they're there.

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