There are a lot of license plates that are available in Montana to support lots of different organizations. The last time I went to get new license plates, they handed me a really thick catalog to browse through. Since I don’t get my license plates renewed too often, I had no idea how many plates we had available. There are schools, sports teams, non-profit organizations, museums, cities, etc.  

A New License Plate To Show Your Montana Pride

Recently Montana has added another license plate to choose from. This plate is supporting the USS Montana nuclear-powered submarine, named in honor of our amazing state. The USS Montana was ordered back in 2014 and was eventually launched in 2021 and then commissioned in 2022.

A Way To Support The USS Montana 

According to the Montana Department of Justice, this license plate and the donations that will be made will help support the submarine and crew of the USS Montana. In order for this license plate to keep going in Montana they will need to sell at least 300 of them. If you have been looking for a way to help our military and support the USS Montana at the same time, getting a license plate is an effective way to show your military and state pride. 

Credit: Montana Department of Justice
Credit: Montana Department of Justice

Montana Has A Strong Military Presence

Montanan has rich history of residents that have helped defend our country. Montana has the second highest rate of Veterans per capita in the United States, behind Alaska according to World Population Review.  

You Have Choices For Plates In Montana

When you are looking to renew your license plates, or when you purchase a new vehicle, keep this license plate in mind.  

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