The 28th Annual Guerrilla Turkey Drive is starting Monday November 14th and running through Friday November 18th. We will be once again asking for your help with donations of turkeys or money to help area food banks. We want to thank our partners Missoula Electric Cooperative, Decker Truck Lines and KPAX-TV.

Pantry Partners

One of the agencies that help is Stevensville's Pantry Partners food bank. I spoke with Dr. Steve Waters and asked him if they have seen an increase in clients this past year. He said, "This year we have started to see an increase. We are starting to get back to the numbers that we had before Covid. We're not there yet, but it is starting to increase. I think a big function of that might be from the just things are getting more expensive in the stores."


Along with everyone in the country and other food banks, Pantry Partners is seeing the cost of food increase which also affects their budget. Regarding their budget Dr. Waters said, "What we found just looking at the data... we're about three times normally what we would see at this time of year as far as cost of everything food wise... any monetary donations are great, because then we can put that towards the increase that we've seen."

The Need Is High

We are finding that the need for food and monetary donations is getting higher and higher this year with all of the food banks in Western Montana. That makes the Guerrilla Turkey Drive even more important as we approach the holiday season. We have always said that this is one event we wish we never had to do, but it looks like this year it will be needed more than ever. If you can please help us out this year, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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