Montana hosts sports all year round regardless of the weather. I salute all the parents that trek around our great state to attend their kids games and support their passion for sports. Basketball and hockey parents in Montana have it rough. Traveling in the winter in Montana at all hours of the day and night, over great distances is a challenge. Now it is time to shift gears to spring sports in Montana. That brings an entire new set of challenges.

Montana Spring Sports are the Hardest

Spring sports in Montana are some of the hardest in my opinion. In the summer you have to deal with heat, and smoke, but at least the weather is somewhat consistent, maybe a rain shower here and there. Winter sports the driving is difficult, but most winter sports are indoors, like hockey and basketball, so the athletes don't have to battle the weather as much. Fall sports start out hot and then gradually cool down as the season progresses, but again that seems to be more consistent than spring. Spring in Montana is nothing but a gamble. You have to worry about the roads and the fields.

Montana Spring Sports are Getting Under Way

As another round of spring sports gets underway, softball, track, lacrosse, golf, and more, here is a list of items you should have to make sure that you are prepared for watching spring sports in Montana.

Folding Chairs- Not all fields have seats available and you don't want to sit on the ground. If you are a parent who likes to pace the sidelines, you may need a rest every once in a while.

Umbrellas- They have more uses than just shielding you from the rain. They also help with unexpected snow storms, they help shield you from the wind and they can help give you shade if the sun ever does come out.

Layers- Keep a winter hat, gloves and boots handy because there is a good chance you may need them. The past few years the weather in the spring has been unpredictable. I have seen snow storms and been in heavy winds with no cover. Layers are needed.

Snacks- Food, is always good and a lot of times it is needed, not just for the athletes, but for the spectators too.

Sunscreen- Occasionally the sun will come out, when it does make sure you wear the sunscreen.

Liquids- Hydration is key. Water, energy drinks, sports drinks all play a key role in being able to cheer on the teams.

Toilet Paper- A lot of the games are on fields that don't have bathroom facilities. Portable toilets aren't always stocked with the necessities. Keep an extra roll of TP in your vehicle if needed. You will thank me for that later.

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