You did it. You had a dream and you made it a reality. You are now a resident of Montana and you're living that western lifestyle. But wait, something's not right. You feel like no matter what you do, you're treated like a tourist (or worse). What's a Montana transplant to do?

For what it's worth, I can relate. After growing up in Montana I moved away. Isn't that what they say--Montana's best export is its children? Well, this Montana child returned, and even with knowing all the customs, it took me a while to reacclimate to Montana's culture. It happened a second time when I moved from Billings to Missoula. For better or worse, there are some dead giveaways that a person is "not from around these parts."

Your Haircut

Yes, there are fashion-forward people in Montana, but Montana is not necessarily known for it. The latest trends in clothes and hair usually arrive in Montana months (to years) later. If you have an avant-garde hairstyle, it might mark you as someone who's not local, or only just moved here.

Your Shoes

If your shoes are squeaky clean, you haven't lived here very long. With four seasons, each one replete with moisture and dust, a Montanan's shoes get dirty pretty fast. And if your shoes are designer they're probably not going to hold up here, not to mention, you'll quickly discover that you're one of the only people wearing shoes like that.

Your Car

You're driving a sports car or a luxury car and it doesn't have four-wheel or all-wheel drive. Unless this is your "summer car" then it's a sure sign you haven't traded it in for a more practical vehicle.

The Way You React to Wildlife

The first time you see a deer in your yard you'll get excited. The 300th time you have a deer in your yard you'll wish that you could hunt within the city limits. Being in awe of wildlife is one of those things that Montanans take for granted (which is kind of a bummer, actually) so it's a giveaway if you think the animals are "just so cute and cuddly."

You Talk Too Fast

This one happened to me when I moved back to Montana after living on the east coast. Every time I'd pay for something or order food at a restaurant I'd get that look. You know, the one that says, "I didn't understand a single thing you said." Take a breath. Life moves slower here.

If you want a chuckle this Content Creator made a "just moved here" parody for people who are coming to Montana.

Hopefully, that didn't hit too close to home, but if you really want to feel local in Montana, support local businesses and organizations. Attend local events and support local artists. And update your license plate. ;-)

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