To all the tire shops in Montana that are getting ready to head into their busiest season of the year, thank you for all you do!

October 1st has come and gone. That officially means in Montana you can have your studded tires on your cars or trucks. Montana law says you can have studs on your vehicle from October 1st to May 31st. There are a lot of years where studs are needed for that entire length of time.

Brian Lee and myself both live in places where we need to have studs on our vehicles. So every year around this time we have the conversation about getting our tires changed over. We also talk about the different tire dealers and what snacks they provide, popcorn from some of them, ice cream from others.


But one thing that they all have in common is during this time they are busy. But just wait until that first snow fall happens and you will see what the word "busy" really means. Some tire stores actually start working on vehicles before their business hours. I have pulled in at exactly the opening time on many occasions expecting to be the first in line, but nope, they are already working away with every garage bay filled with a car.

The weather is fine now, but Winter is coming. If you know you are going to need the studs on the car or winter tires on the truck, the earlier you can get in for your tire changeover the better off you will be. The workers at all the tire shops will be doing their best to get everyone in and out in a safe and timely manner.

I will ask you to do me a favor please, be nice and polite to them. They will be working their tails off these upcoming weeks and months and they will be trying to do their best. Here is a suggestion, most of them like donuts, so maybe drop off a dozen donuts at your favorite tire shop to thank them for everything they do.


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