The first day of Spring in Montana always brings change. There is more daylight, thanks to Daylight Saving time. The weather starts to change and warm up. The snow starts to melt. There will be different sounds when you are outside. We will start to hear robins in the trees, kids out playing in the parks, and a different sound on the roads.

Don't Break the Law With Studded Tires in Montana

It's almost time to get the studded tires taken off of your vehicles, that is if you have them. The state of Montana allows studded tires on your vehicles between October 1st and May 31st. I drive an older two-wheel drive vehicle and live on a hill so studded tires are a necessity for me. The cost of maintaining two sets of tires is not something that I look forward too every year, but I need to have them. There have been times we have not been able to get up to our house in the past without them.

We Asked Our Listeners in Montana

We asked our listeners, "When do you take your snow tires off your rig?". There are a lot of vehicle owners that don't use studded tires, mostly due to the cost here are some of the answers:

"Gave up on that years ago...too expensive to run 2 sets so I run Mud and Snows year round"- David

"I buy all terrain tires with the triple peak snow rating, so I don't have to."- Jared

"Who can afford 2 sets of tires in this economy?"- Ryan

"Snow tires? Don't need them. Just drive."- Rick

"Run radials all year!!!"- Deann

"Snow tires 😀 didn't need them this year"- Gary

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For Those That Change Tires in Montana

It can be a gamble when to change your tires over in Montana. You never know what spring weather will bring on the roads. Montana passes can be just as dangerous and sketchy in the spring as they are in the winter. For those that do change over their tires, when do they change them over?

"May"- Marcia

"When it is Summer"- Aron

"When there is no snow"- James

"Well this year it’s looking like June/May if we are lucky!!"- Kristi

Some Vehicle Owners in Montana Have a Sense of Humor

"Two years from now"- Cindy

"Always too soon"- Kay

"July"- Korena

Whether you Use Studs or Not in Montana, Be Safe

Montana roads like the weather can be unpredictable. Be safe while traveling. Please be kind to the tire shop employees that help with the thousands of tire change overs during the year.

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