Many people who live in Montana love being here because it's so easy to access and recreate in nature. But even if you're not into strenuous hikes there are still many opportunities to explore nature in Montana. Three nature walks are coming up between May and September of 2023 might interest the more casual and inquisitive adventurer.

Bitterroot National Forest Guided Walks

May 13, 2023 is the first of three opportunities to go on a guided wildflower or lichen walk in the Bitterroot National Forest with Naturalist Deborah Goslin or Botanist Laura Johnston. We asked Joni Lubke, Partnership Coordinator with the Forest Service, about what people need to know to have the best experience.

"Get out and enjoy what's out there because not everyone can see this," Lubke said. "I just returned from a trip to Georgia and it was a two-hour drive to the trail."

It's recommended that you bring snacks, water, and a hand lens. Lubke also had some practical recommendations. "Check the weather. It's Montana, and knowing whether there's rain predicted, that would change what you bring. It wouldn't hurt to bring a small first aid kit because falls can happen."

The walks are appropriate for all ages and will last between approximately two and three hours. Lubke pointed out that teaching kids about plant identification can be a great way to help them enjoy going for hikes. "You can make it like a scavenger hunt."

Another important thing to remember is that it's never okay to pick wildflowers.

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"Best to leave nature as it is," Lubke said. "The idea is to leave something for others to enjoy and to leave no trace."

Guided Walks Schedule

Saturday, May 13 - Wildflower Walk with Deborah Goslin

Saturday, July 8 - Wildflower Walk with Deborah Goslin

Saturday, September 9 - Lichen Walk with Laura Johnston

The walks are free but preregistration is required because the group sizes are limited.  For any questions about accessibility or to register for one of the walks, reach out to Deborah at, or Laura at

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