The real estate website Zillow has released its list of most viewed homes in every state for 2023 and the most viewed home in Montana caught my attention, and it may stick out to you, too.

There were many beautiful properties for sale over the past year that I would have thought people would have viewed more than others. You know, in a real-estate-window shopping kind of way. Properties like these:

SEE: The Grey Cliffs Ranch Near Three Forks, Montana

Grey Cliffs Ranch Three Forks Montana
Tamara Williams, Tamara Williams and Company via

The horse barn, impressive staircase, and natural surroundings made this property visually serene.

SEE: The Refurbished Montana Rail Car

Brendan Bailey, Regent Realty via
Brendan Bailey, Regent Realty via

With the thoughtful details inside the rail car and simply how unique it is, this property may have brought in a lot of views.

SEE: The 'Once in a Lifetime' Ranch 

Julie Gardner, Lambros Real Estate, ERA
Julie Gardner, Lambros Real Estate, ERA

And with a descriptor like 'once in a lifetime,' there's not question this property is worthy of eyeballs.

But the most viewed property on Zillow in Montana was one that might have been viewed because of its seeming attainability.

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The fact that it's in Bigfork and it's on the water is not necessarily unexpected. But it's the size of the property and the price tag that caught my attention.

$500,000 for a house is a lot of money, but if you're looking for a lake house, especially around Flathead Lake, you'd expect to pay at least that much or more. That may be why this property got a lot of attention last year. Take a look.

Montana Home Viewed on Zillow
Joel Vessie, Glacier Real Estate of Montana via Zillow

The home, listed by Joel D. Vessie with Glacier Real Estate of Montana, is currently under contract and is listed for $499,000 with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1,520 square feet. Zillow data says it has over 15,000 views and over 1,000 saves.

Take a look below to see why it's the most viewed home in Montana on Zillow in 2023.

Montana's Most Viewed Home on Zillow in 2023

See photos of the home in Bigfork, Montana that was the most viewed on Zillow in 2023.

Gallery Credit: Ashley

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