We've asked and the resounding answer seems to be that no, Montanans are not interested in eating any version of meat that doesn't come directly from an animal, like cows, elk, pigs, chicken, etc. And probably not meat from a 3D printer either.

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So the latest "lab-grown" phenomenon had me wondering, would this at least make Montanans curious? I mean, it's lab-grown meat...from an animal.

New Lab Grown Meat Made with Woolly Mammoth DNA

CBS News is reporting that a startup company named Vow has created a meatball made in a lab using woolly mammoth DNA.

Vow, the startup that made the meatball, created it using genetic information from the long-extinct mammoth, company researchers said in Tuesday's media event. Some holes in the genetic sequence were filled in using data from the mammoth's closest living relative: the African elephant. - cbsnews.com

The other thing the article mentions: nobody has actually tried it yet.

I like to imagine the conversation between the scientists going something like, "I'm not tasting it. You taste it!" and someone else is like, "How do you know if you're allergic to woolly mammoth?"

Naturally, we had to ask our listeners what they thought. We posted the question on our Facebook page.

First of all, I think the relative silence speaks volumes. Barely anyone was willing to dignify the post with a response. Noted. For those that did:

"No, nope, not going to happen!"

And my personal favorite:

"Gag me with a maggot."

Okay, Montana, we can take the hint. If it's not from a ranch you're not interested.

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