The debate (argument?) continues.

In the past, when we’ve covered news about innovations in food science, like "meat" made from plants, it brings out...complaints. It's clear that many meat-eating Montananas are not interested in trying any version of imitation meat. 

The most recent version of this was when it was announced the FDA was working toward producing meat in a lab. We posed the question, “Would you eat meat grown in a lab?”  

The resounding answer was “no.”  

Now there’s a new twist on the idea of “labs” and “imitation meat.” This time, it’s not just about using plants to create imitation meat, but it’s looking to improve the production process as well.  

Order a Steak Made on a 3D Printer 

Reuters reported in October of 2022 that an Israeli company, Redefine Meat, had partnered with an importer to make “New Meat” available to European markets. 

“New Meat” would include assembling a steak using a 3D printer. You can not only see the process in the video below, which samples from Reuters coverage but also speaks to the potential global impact of this application.  

If Montanan's response to earlier innovation was any indication, this will not be a popular idea.  

Could Montana Get Involved in the Process?  

As noted above these are European companies and the products are being distributed in Europe, but I could imagine Montana producing “New Meat.” It’s the right blend of innovation and collaboration that represents what I love about people who live and work in Montana. Local farmers could grow at least some of the ingredients. The University of Montana could assist with the use of 3D printers to produce the meat. Local restaurants could sell the product.  

So now the question is, how long will it take for this to make its way to the United States?  

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